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We moved to Northeast Springfield!

Greetings friends and family of Keystone Apostolic Church

After two years of having services in a community center, we purchased a building in Northeast Springfield! We are excited to share the gospel in Northeast Springfield! We are remodeling the basement to service our community! Your gift will help us accomplish this! Please pray with us as we enter this new chapter at KAC. To advance the Kingdom and contribute to our vision, please go to: - any gift will be appreciated! In these dark days, let your light shine brighter!

Click the 'Give now' button to donate and select "New Building 2022", we look forward to what God is going to do! For security reasons, we recommend donors to create a profile. 

If you do not want to register and create a profile, you can click the "[Or Click Here to Give as a Guest]link that is located below the sign in section on the 'Give now' button page.

We pray that the Lord will bless you abundantly, for every donation given to this Labor of Love.


Since the beginning, Keystone Apostolic Church (KAC) has been in visionary mode. Planting. Praying. Preaching. Planning for a permanent place to have church. Calling around the community and asking who would be willing to allow us to have services and baptisms in their facilities on a long-term basis while we find a permanent place. Every service the set-up process has required us to arrive an extra hour early to begin setting up for church, moving chairs, putting up tables, erecting temporary signs and banners, connecting sound equipment. Every service everything must be put away, the sound equipment, microphones, speakers, cables, signs, banners, tables, chairs, and pulpit. We plan to change that, we have found a property to purchase in north Springfield to use as a permanent launching point for outreach, events and service!


In addition to the wonderful luxury of having services in a permanent location, we will host community-connection events. From alcohol recovery classes to prophecy seminars and post-service fellowship to marriage-building workshops! Keystone Apostolic Church is a place that Springfield will watch us giving back to the community and most importantly see many receive redemption through Jesus Christ!

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